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This unconventional website had been on our radar for many years. The team at decided it was time to join the biggest mass of Boss in Glass, and struck a deal to collaborate in a bigger way for the future.

Joining forces with Glass PW, now joins a new class. Let's do it together with Glass!

To help you kickstart, let's progress with the most popular right-there resources and we can build further -- as long as you're on board!

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As the saying goes in the community, "Where's my frEE lUnCh!?", here's some of the most useful resources to check out first:

  • Best twisty glass blunt

  • Best glass blowing kit

  • Best glass one hitter

Why will we try our best to earn your business? Because we know you're from the elite class. Real recognize real. Feel free to take free smells at our online shop or contact us any time.