Intersection.Events Now Intersects With

We're more than crossing paths now. We have joined the same path.

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Intersection.Events, known for their provocative events over the years, has officially signed the deal to join to take our Glass PW to the next level. Thinking ahead into the future but acting now, we're able to offer a brand new experience that consumers don't know they want, yet.

Both teams have signed and are ready for what awaits for us in the future. Where ever it may be, it'll be together. To help lead our new audience in the right direction, below are some of the favorited content to help you get started with us.

Favorited Pages by Fans of Intersection Events:

We're really together now so together we collected some of our favorite pages!

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When you see you next time, we're going to give you a big hug! Until then, the online glass store is open and we'll share our new masterpieces with you soon enough.