Joins Elite Line-up

Either way, Caviar Gold Meds audience wins in this deal.

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We're proud to announce the acquisition of which provides another feather in the cap of elite companies in our portfolio. The hip-hemp website served patients for many moons, and now joins our family to help keep it Glass!

Now joining forces with GlassPW, the amount of excitement has been nearly insurmountable as we've attempted not to unveil our upcoming collaborations.

To walk you through all we plan to do would take many more announcements but in the meantime, we hope you'll find the following resources invaluable to get you pointed in the right direction (hint, hint)!

Favorited Pages by Fans of Caviar Gold Meds:

Your new favorites are here, so enjoy some of the most requested by the community:

  • Best twisty glass blunt

  • Best glass blowing kit

  • Best glass one hitter

You can always visit our shop to find more specific types of products you might like. Also always feel free to reach out with any questions.